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Mahrukh Ahmed

“Hi. Welcome to my site. I’m a reading specialist and I work with Debbie Hepplewhite from Phonics International to provide the best reading services I can. My aspiration for my students in Pakistan is, quite simply, ‘Everyone reads’.”

Mahruhk is a reading specialist in teaching English for reading, spelling and writing using the research-informed ‘Systematic Synthetic Phonics’ approach.

Her institute is ‘Phonics In Pakistan’ based in Karachi. Mahrukh’s staff are trained teachers who help children (aged 1 to 13) in after-school programmes for teaching reading, spelling and writing in the English language.

  • Master Trainer for Systematic Synthetic Phonics in Pakistan

Mahrukh has understood the benefits of phonics provision for over 20 years. She travelled to the UK several times to receive exclusive professional development from internationally-renowned phonics specialist Debbie Hepplewhite of Phonics International. Debbie received an MBE in the Queen’s Honours List in 2012 for her ‘contribution to education’. The training provision and the phonics programmes Debbie is associated with are highly acclaimed and she supports literacy initiatives of the Department for Education in England to raise levels of foundational literacy. Mahrukh has trialled Debbie’s approach and materials for many years with great success in Karachi and is expanding her teacher-training and consultancy more widely to benefit more teachers, pre-school providers and the children themselves.

  • Consultancy and teacher-training for pre-schools and primary schools.

Mahrukh advises schools for all their literacy needs and can suggest suitable programmes for their context. She can provide teachers’ initial training and continuing professional development (CPD).

  • Choosing the best programme for your child

Please contact us for a consultation to evaluate your child’s needs and the most suitable programme for your child.